1. What are the main digital innovation topics?


AR / VR / Drone / Robotics

Health, Safety, Environment

Industrial Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Optimization

Industry 4.0

Intelligent Asset Management

Predictive Maintenance

Supply Chain

Business Functions Digitization

2. How can I work with SOCAR Türkiye?


SOCAR Wennovation offers a wide range of partnership opportunities. Discover how we can collaborate and let’s innovate together!


Implement your digital products or services directly when it fills an obvious need of SOCAR Türkiye.


It is possible to design and build new solutions with our teams.

Real-life testing

See how your innovative digital solutions perform in real-life situations by testing them within our operations.

3. What is the benefit of working with SOCAR Türkiye?


SOCAR Wennovation initiative provides various game-changing mutual benefits to foster digital innovation and growth.


Communicate directly with related teams in SOCAR Türkiye and benefit from a dedicated point of contact. We listen to you and our teams provide tailored support.

Industry expertise

Gain benefits from the insights and extensive experience of SOCAR Türkiye. It is possible to design and build new solutions with our teams.


Tap into a larger customer base of SOCAR Türkiye, new markets and channels to expand your business. It is a chance to gain visibility through our international network of partners and to use our brand recognition.

4. What are the main steps for submission?


1 – Explore

Discover the digital innovation topics SOCAR Türkiye is looking for a solution partner and identify of your interest to collaborate with us.

2 – Submit

Bring your digital innovation to SOCAR Türkiye’s attention by submitting it via this website for initial review. Please include only brief and non-confidential information at this stage. We accept submissions all year around for all digital innovation topics.

3 – Hear from us

If your solution addresses our needs, you will hear from us for an initial meeting and a potential collaboration. We are committed to ensuring that submissions are reviewed by the right individuals across our company as quickly as possible. Our initial review is based wholly on the non-confidential information you provide in your submission.

5. Is there any submission criteria?


Your digital innovation should:

– be an innovative technology and/or

– be ready-to-go product and/or

– be unique expertise and/or

– be commercial opportunity and/or

– address an unmet need of SOCAR Türkiye and/or

– represent a superior solution to those currently in use and/or

– enable us to offer a significantly better value.

6. Is there a submission period for categories?


You can submit your application at any time of the year for the specified categories.

7. Who can submit the application for the categories?


Whether you are a startup, a researcher, a small business, an individual inventor, a student or a large corporate, we invite you to discover the digital needs across the SOCAR Turkey and submit your innovation.