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Ready to become a solution partner? Whether you are a startup, a researcher, a small business, an individual inventor, an entrepreneur, a student or a large corporate, we invite you to discover the digital needs across the SOCAR Türkiye and to submit your innovation.

Industrial AI / ML / Optimization

Utilizing advanced analytics and big data applications for petrochemicals & oil refining operations especially industrial production processes.

Intelligent Asset Management

Integrated assets, people and processes ensuring a data-driven and an efficient planning / execution for increasing production, improving asset health and reducing downtime.

Predictive Maintenance

Improving reliability and reducing costs by monitoring the asset performance, predicting potential equipment failures and making proactive maintenance decisions.

AR / VR / Drone / Robotics

Developing processes, people and products with increasing efficiency and safety by immersive experiences and new generation technologies such as AR, VR and drone.

Health, Safety, Environment

Increasing HSE compliance, improving safety, reducing risks, preventing accidents and unwanted events for sustainable and safe working environments.

Industry 4.0

Creating a holistic and connected digital network by leveraging interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data in manufacturing and industrial operations.

Supply Chain

Connecting and streamlining supply chain processes delivering maximized value to the whole network through strong collaboration with suppliers and customers, intelligent analytics and use of modern technologies.

Business Functions Digitization

Automating operations of business functions such as finance, human resources, IT, procurement, legal, and facilities management to achieve higher cost saving, boost employee productivity and minimize operational risk.

Let’s collaborate

SOCAR Türkiye is actively seeking partnerships in many of the business areas described above. We invite you to explore our digital innovation topics and submit your solution for consideration.

“Transparency, speed, connectivity and flexibility drive innovation today. We welcome you at
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Hakan Irgıt
Chief Digital Transformation & Information Officer at SOCAR Türkiye