Accelerating digital innovation
by leveraging partnerships

SOCAR Wennovation open innovation platform provides an open and collaborative approach for building a partnership with startups, corporates and academia around the world. We are looking for exciting and challenging digital transformation opportunities that will deliver benefits for SOCAR Türkiye, its contractors and customers.


Communicate directly with related teams in SOCAR Türkiye and benefit from a dedicated point of contact. We listen to you and our teams provide tailored support.

Industry Expertise

Gain benefits from the insights and extensive experience of SOCAR Türkiye. It is possible to design and build new solutions with our teams.


It is a chance to gain visibility through our international network of partners and to use our brand recognition to expand your business.

Collaboration opportunities

SOCAR Wennovation initiative provides various game-changing mutual benefits to foster digital innovation and growth, and offers a wide range of partnership opportunities. Discover how we can collaborate and let’s innovate together!


Implement your digital products or services directly when it fills an obvious need of SOCAR Türkiye.


It is possible to design and build new solutions with our teams.

Real-life Testing

See how your innovative digital solutions perform in real-life situations by testing them within our operations.

SOCAR Türkiye, a subsidiary of SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) which is one of the most deep-rooted global oil and natural gas companies, initiated its business operations in Turkey upon acquisition of 51 percent of the shares of Petkim from the Privatization Administration in 2008. Having completed the integration process in refinery, petro-chemistry, energy, logistics, distribution and storage, the group is the biggest industrial holding of Turkey.